July 22, 2014


Silica Re-examined

Silalive is a supplement of the mineral silica, a nutrient recently found to have some tremendously beneficial side effects on the body. Available in a daily dose, it is easily absorbed by the intestine and distributed throughout the body. While some may want to disregard it as just another nature kick, to do so would be a disadvantage without first discovering what it is that the mineral Silica does for the body and how it can help to keep you healthy longer. 

When we are young, Silica is present in nearly every part of our body. It provides for the elasticity of skin and organs, the healing of most wounds, and carries both calcium and vitamin D to the bones. It makes us stronger, and healthier.

As we age, however, the silica in our body dwindles until on trace amounts are left. The skin becomes less elastic and is more prone to injury. Our organs become less flexible, and the bones, without the proper transport mechanism, become more brittle and can contribute to the disease process known as osteoporosis as the transport of calcium and Vitamin D break down. Wounds take longer to heal.

Silica is also found to have positive effects on the brain and blood vessels as well. Because of the elasticity property, it creates stronger vessels. As the silica is depleted over time, there is some evidence to suggest that it contributes to the hardening of the vessels and plaque formation. In the brain, Silica prohibits aluminum, a suspect for some dementias, from settling in, thus theoretically protecting the mind. When it begins to decline there is no longer the blocking mechanism.

Silalive provides a safe and effective supplement for the body’s loss of natural silica. Taken regularly, the supplemental tablet may help the body reserve some of its flexibility and health. Even those who are still on the fence about its benefits can try it and judge for themselves.

Aging is inevitable. From the moment humans are born until the moment they die, the body continues this process. It does not, however, mean that to grow is synonymous with poor health and a fragile body. As studies continue on the effects of Silica in the body, there is a solution to his depletion.

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